Letter C by Self Studio

Choicie is a curated space picking out the weirdest greasy spoons in town and translating the menu for you. So you can explore unknown territories in your pursuit of culinary enlightenment.

Project name
Choicie Food Aliens
6 weeks
uxui Design, Branding

Look & feel

At the heart of Choicie is the mission to make food available to people of all languages wherever they be. Thus the visual identity revolves around showcasing various alphabets from different corners of the world. We chose Lexend as our brand typeface. It was designed by Thomas Jockin to help people read better, and can be used in 40 different languages.

Choicie Food App Collage
Choicie Food App Collage
Choicie Food App Colour Palette
Choicie Food App Typography

App design

The app ui offers clarity and ease, featuring a minimalistic feed which enables product curators to easily upload vertical images straight from their phones, much like on Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, the app has two distinct color schemes that help users distinguish between different levels of use.

Choicie Food App Restaurant Owners
Choicie Food App Subway Posters
Choicie Food App iPhone mockup