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Tringli allows modern hikers to experience living in the most rare destinations across the world - via a network of smart micro pods powered by tech and nature.

Project name
12 weeks
Branding, product
Tringli banner tripping
Tringli banner tripping


The Tringli offer goes far beyond simply manufacturing smart eco pods - it’s an entire ecosystem, decentralised and blockchain-backed, that enables on the one hand any investor to share ownership of the business, and on the other, any landowner to set up a Tringli pod and run a hospitality business, using the Tringli infrastructure of tools and services across tenant find, marketing, and let management.

Tringli smart eco pod
Tringli eco pod


The challenge we faced in our research phase was pinning down the market space for a business model that hadn’t yet been implemented by anyone. Our search focused on exploring eco hospitality, micro living and drag-n-drop housing, as well as identifying the target audience that would respond best to the Tringli offer.

Tringli presentation of research


We decided to position Tringli within the slow luxury space, aimed at attracting ‘the modern hiker’ - an independent urban dweller who travels not for sightseeing, but to enjoy rare experiences and explore themselves in the process. In short, those who are more interested in the Burning Man than the French riviera. Thus was born the idea of ‘the pure trip’ - immersion into the destination via the means of a transparent vessel that enables one to teleport from one destination to another - “think of it as your personal portal to experience the rarest destinations in their fullness.”

Tringli positioning slow luxury
Tringli brand idea
Tringli brand positioning
Tringli mission
Tringli branding


The concept of ‘having a trip’ (as opposed to ‘going travelling’) and the brand metaphor of ‘the portal’ brought about subtle creative tensions echoing the controversial idea that hiking can be trippy and (almost) spiritual. Filled with this inspiration, we crafted the visual identity with the idea of designing a teleportation service more than a travelling app.

Tringli teleportation services
Tringli banners teleportation services
Trip properly Tringli
Tringli app icon
Tringli app icon on telegram interface
Tringli app
Tringli logo animation
Tringli trip properly