Letter M

A vibrant new visual identity and powerful digital platform for London’s leading PropTech startup that redefines the way letting and renting is done in the UK.

Project name
3 months
Branding, Product
Mashroom landing
Mashroom landing


Using technology, guidance and community, Mashroom provides the infrastructure, tools and education for seamless letting and renting experience - for free. Self were tasked to create a new brand identity, design and develop the public website, and then build a multiple-interface web platform - first as an MVP and then as full product.

Mashroom man hugging house on a mountain
Mashroom book with houses
Mashroom messaging Landlords' magic iphone

The search.

In close partnership with the client’s team, we embarked upon a research phase, looking at competitors, audience needs and sector insights. This revealed the need for a brand focus on nurture, guidance and education, and helped us identify the key pillars of Mashroom’s acquisition strategy - content, legal support and strategic partnerships.

Mashroom research of property market

Brand identity.

With the message of nurture and support at the heart of the brand, we created a vibrant identity balancing a sense of warmth with the charisma and authority essential to match the brand’s ambitious positioning as mentor, advisor and guarantor. The logo evokes welcome and support with the letter ‘m’ reaching out to uphold its neighbour, while the palette is rich and varied, giving us the flexibility to cover a wide range of audiences and communications.

Street ad
Mashroom font, Operetta 12
Colour palette
Mobile landing
Mashroom merch
Website on various platforms

The platform.

The challenge was to help Mashroom expand their existing minumum viable product and set up workflows & processes for continuous development with regular releases based on a cutting-edge technology stack (Golang, React, GraphQL, microservice architecture). We tailored a team of 10+ full-time experts (front/back end developers, analysts, QA engineers among others) and helped the Mashroom product team achieve their ambitious goals, releasing 10+ features every month enabling Mashroom to transform into an all-inclusive multi-functional ecosystem that provides the infrastructure, tools and education for seamless property management.

Desktop dashboard
Mobile dashboard
Booking process
Mashroom magazine landing


Mashroom has over 1,000 properties listed on the platform, attracting over 10,000 landlord registrations, and over 40,000 tenants in the year following launch.

property listings by 2022
new features released yearly
avg. monthly revenue growth
5-star reviews in 2021